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Human Resources


Aust Business Solutions can support all of your Talent Management needs, from Recruiting, Retaining, and Developing your top performers. We are ready to help with large business changes, strategic workforce planning, and implementation/management of HR Systems. Section highlights include: HR Compliant Policies, Recruiting and Screening, Organizational Change, and Employee Engagement.

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Recruiting & Screening

Human resources services include recruiting and screening. Two people are shaking hands after hiring a new employee.

Our recruiters and HR Generalists are here to help your company grow and maintain the top talent in your division. We listen and take the time to understand the ideal characteristics of a candidate and tailor candidates accordingly.

Expert Advice

A human resources expert is conducting a question and answer session about training and development and organization change within the company.

Get exactly what you need. If you have specific questions or just need a reassuring double-check, we have the answers to give you the confidence and peace of mind to move forward strategically and decisively .

Employee Engagement

Human resources services include employee engagement.

"Company Culture" can be a strategic competitive advantage that is harnessed into a powerful engine that drives progress and results within your organization. We know how to fix problems & get in tune with your workforce.

HR Systems

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HR Compliance experts are at the ready to help you with any local, state, and federal regulatory questions you may have. We can advise on the best practices and policies for your organization.

Training & Development

A man is leading a training and development discussion for human resources in regards to employee engagement and organizational activities.

Increase the value of your human capital by investing in your workforce. Allow our Lipid Nanoparticle Consultants to develop a training program, or perform 1-on-1 or group facilitated training sessions.

Organizational Change

Company executives are going over proposals for organization change within the company with help from the human resources department.

Major organizational changes are defining moments in the life of a company. Our award-winning facilitators are also capable of initiating and leading the initiatives. Change is inevitable, be prepared to execute.

Haley Aust is our human resources specialist and strategist with knowledge in people operations, culture and engagement and employement law. She translates client's business plan into strategic human resource initiatives.

Haley Aust, PHR, Co-Founder

Haley is an award-winning Human Resources Strategist with extensive knowledge and experience in People Operations, Culture and Engagement and Employment Law. She is a mindful, adaptive, "roll up the sleeves" leader who works closely with teams to both impact and shape their workplace into purpose-driven organizations. She confidently translates each client’s business plan into strategic HR initiatives, driving their ability to attract, engage and retain a high-performing workforce.

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