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Robust Molar Mass and Size Characterization of LNPs using FFF-MALS-DLS

An advanced approach to characterize lipid nanoparticles, Field-Flow Fractionation coupled to Multi-Angle Light Scattering and Dynamic Light Scattering (FFF-MALS-DLS) incorporates standard chromatography to provide statistically robust measurements. FFF performs nanoparticle separation into its compounds using a filter with specific MWCO and separation arises from differential transport velocity in the laminar flow profile according to the particles’ height above the membrane. MALS determines molar mass and size by time-averaged intensity of light scattered by the nanoparticle ensemble into multiple scattering angles. The FFF fractionation of the sample by size prior to DLS measurement greatly simplifies and enhances size determination, since it can be assumed that each eluting fraction is practically monodisperse. Since FFF can separate particles that are quite close in size, FFF-DLS size distributions are robust and fully quantitative, providing far more detail. MALS combined with DLS allows more possible types of analysis utilizing a single FFF run. Read more on this topic from The Controlled Release Society here.

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