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AUST Global Internship 2023

Hello Everyone!

We are excited to announce that the application process to join AUST as an intern this summer/fall is now open! If you are a scientist, engineer, or professional that is looking to gain business operations experience in the Cell & Gene Therapy space, send your resume/CV to The application deadline is 31-May-2023.

AUST is a consulting firm that specializes in the manufacture of Biologics, as well as sterile, injectable (Parenteral) drug products. We work with our clients to accomplish a variety of activities, such as facility design, technology transfers, process development, business operations optimization, recruitment, Quality management system (QMS) Implementation, training, and more. We spend our time working with complex formulations and Drug Delivery Systems (DDS) and can help at any stage of the life cycle.

We perform market analysis for investors, new drug sponsors, and CDMOs and provide strategic recommendations founded on our keen understanding of the Cell & Gene Therapy space. AUST functions as a Virtual CDMO to support clients all over the world. As manufacturing organizations grow, we help our clients scale by filling the immediate/short term needs, and help plan/implement long term strategies. We are scientists, engineers, and business professionals that know how to establish new sites and make existing sites more profitable. We have been particularly successful working with companies to increase their capabilities, as it relates to mRNA-LNP (Lipid Nanoparticle) formulating, testing, and cGMP manufacturing. Patient safety is most important, and we have proven industry leaders that will work with your team around the clock. We are in operation 24/7. We have clients across the globe and have established cGMP Drug Product and Biologics facilities to manufacture pre-clinical, Clinical, and Commercial drugs to meet global regulatory requirements.

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